Executive Team

Anthony Scotto

Anthony is a finance graduate of Seton Hall University and the proud CEO of Scotto Properties. His entrepreneurial spirit and constant eye on the changing market conditions has been the driving force behind the company’s unprecedented growth; and his organizational skills have helped form the road map that directs the successful growth of the company into high-quality deals.

15 years ago, Scotto Properties was founded to invest in long-term assets for the family. This vision allowed them to start the company from a small investment in multi-family housing to a real estate portfolio. Through the years, Anthony’s experience and drive has expanded into property approvals, acquisitions, construction, re-positioning of properties, and development.

Biagio ("Ben") Scotto

From humble beginnings in Naples, Italy, Biagio Scotto knew from a young age that his energy and entrepreneurial spirit could develop a business providing exceptional service to both consumers and team members. Biagio worked tirelessly to expand and create what today is a select diversified group of real estate holdings. His fresh and innovative approach to finance, property development, and deal-making have helped form the backbone of what is now Scotto Properties. In his role as President, Biagio strives to promote a constant atmosphere of trust, loyalty and hard work amongst his team members, peers and prospective business associates. His leadership continues to fuel the drive and passion necessary to guarantee the continued success of the Scotto Properties Group.

Peter Realmonte

Executive Vice President

Peter joined Scotto Properties in 2007 as Senior Property Manager. Today, Peter is responsible for the daily oversight and management of the Scotto Properties portfolio. He is also responsible for the daily management of the Scotto Properties team, which includes the accounting, leasing, property management, and maintenance departments. Peter negotiates all commercial leases, oversees all development projects, and spearheads Scotto Properties’ acquisition initiatives, including sourcing deals, internal underwriting, financing, and closing. Prior to joining Scotto Properties, Peter spent 10 years managing condominium associations, cooperatives, homeowners associations, residential apartment complexes, shopping centers, and office and flex spaces throughout New Jersey and New York.